Hindustani Classical Music

Indian Classical music follows richest tradition and very old . Mainly Indian classical music is of two types namely Carnatic music and Hindustani music. Where Carnatic is from the Southern parts of India an Hindustani is indigenous to the north.

Hindustani music is based on Ragas. A raga is formed with the combination of notes. The basic seven note are sa,re,ga,ma,pa,dha,ni. In these notes the Sa and Pa are constant and all the other notes can have variations. Which can be in major and minor tones. So number of combinations can be generated. There are ten basic scales. Ragas are evolved from here. A raga is formed with a minimum of five notes.

The ascent and descent notes of the raga gives distinctive character to each raga.These need not be linear. Melody is derived by improving the raga with in the given scale. The improvisations can be rhythm bound or sometimes free from the rhythm. Formal compositions are juxtaposed to improvised portion. Khyal and Dhrupad are two major types of compositions within the Hindustani genre. Of the two, Dhrupad is an older form and requires rigourous training in rhythm control as well as voice culture. Khyal developed as a more popular alternative as it contains both slow and lively compositions, though it retains its totally classical character.

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