About us

Satrang Kal Foundation established on 2011(Non- profit organization ) continues giving training of Classical Dance & Music to young generation.

SATRANG: Different colors of Indian Classical Performing Art forms..

 Our believe:

  “Indian Classical dance is a medium that searches for life’s meaning, enhances wellness of individual physically, mentally & spiritually. It is perfect mix of yoga, meditation and art. Classical dance is holistic; it heals the body and mind and enhances personal growth and joyousness”

  Our offering:

  “Different colours of Indian Classical dance forms at one place, we develop a good aesthetic taste & balance in life thorough our traditional classical art forms. Training given under renowned Gurus and academically trained teachers”

  Our priority:

 “Our main priority would be to give utmost attention to students and to train them to grow and mature into complete artist or par excellence. Special care will be given to help the young ones to develop a proper approach towards dance and the nuances of its various forms”





Examination through Gandharva Mahavidyalaya (MIRAJ).

Regular course - Diploma/Degree (By Audition).

Elementary course - (Direct Admission)




Meenal Sajwan,belong to that new breed of classical Indian dancers who imbibe modernity with tradition.Trained at Kathak Kendra (National Institute of Kathak Dance, New Delhi) under the able guidance of  Pt. Jai Kishan Maharaj ji(s/o Guru Shri Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji),Following Lucknow Gharana.The gifted dancer has completely devoted herself to Kathak Dance as her life’s passion from last fifteen years . She has imbibed within herself the essence of this style with its lyrical and sensuous movement, its treasure of rhythmic paterns,Footwork and its subtle bhinaya. She received initial training of kathak dance at Nupur Nritya Kala Kendra-Haldwani (Nainital)Uttarakhand.She trained eight  year under the able guidance of Guru Pt.Jai Kishan Maharaj JI . She completed Diploma Hon’s from Kathak Kendra(New Delhi)2008 & Achieved Kathak Kendra scholarship for 3 successive years . She attended several workshops of renowned Kathak Gurus. She has Completed M.A. in Kathak Dance from Indira kala Sangeet Mahavidhalaya Khairaghah(C.G.)-Having Kathak(as major subject),Tabla,Classical Vocal as subject. She is Kathak Vishard from Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidhyapeeth(Lucknow).She is registered Kathak teacher of Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal,Miraj.She has Performed Solo Kathak Dance & performed under many renowned Gurus choreographies widely both in India and abroad.Presently working as  Kathak  Performer,Instuctor & choreographer.Co-Ordinator of  “SATRANG PERFORMING ART GROUP”  Satrang Performing Art Group.Director of  Satrang Kala Foundation ,Dwarka(New Delhi).Performances by Meenal Sajwan at TAJ MAHOTSAV-2015 & KHAJURAHO FESTIVAL 2015.



*Mr. Simer Sokhi,Kalakshetra Foundation (Chennai)trained Performer & Instructor,Giving training of bharatnatyam Kalakshetra style at Satrang Kala Foundation,Dwarka.


* Mrs. Meenal Sajwan ji ,Follwing Lucknow Gharana.Trained uder able guidance of Kathak renowned Guru Pt. Shri Jai Kishan Maharaj ji, Giving training at Satrang Kala Foundation, Dwarka.


* Ms Shobha Bist,Trained Performer & student of renowned Odissi Guru Smt. Madhavi Mudgal ji,Following Guru Shri Kelucharan Mohpatra Style ,Giving training of Odissi Dance at Satrang Kala Foundation,Dwarka


* Mrs. Bhawana ji,Gandharav Mahavidhaylaya Vishard,Double M.A. in Classical Vocal,Student of renowned Guru Dr. Subhadra desai ji,Following Gwalior Gharana,Giving training at Satrang Kala Foundation,Dwarka


  *Mr. Hanumant,Trained tabla player from Kathak Kendara New Delhi. Trained under guidence of Guru Shri Govind Chakraborty Ji(Following Banaras Gharana) ,Giving Training at Satrang Kala Foundation.


  • ACADEMY FACULTY- Renowned gurus  & their disciples, Academically trained teachers and Performers.
  • Our Academy is Focusing to give proper traditional Gharana/Style training to our students.
  • Maintaining proper environment of Classical dance & music.
  • Preparing students for Professional Diploma/Degree examination.